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Ukrainian refugees send message to Putin: ‘I hope he dies, painfully’

Ukrainians who have fled their homes in the Russian invasion told off Russia’s leader, with one saying she hopes Russian President Vladimir Putin dies “painfully” after his invasion of her home country.

Fox News Digital spoke with two Ukrainian women, Natalia and Anastasiia in Monday phone calls about their experiences in the war-torn country after Putin’s invasion just two weeks ago and asked both if they had a message for the Russian president.


“I hope he dies, painfully,” Anastasiia, a 22-year-old from Irpin, told Fox News Digital. “I really hope that he knows that the amount of hate and the amount of pain he’s caused, this will never be something he can get over.”

“This will never be something that he can’t go through just normally like he did with other countries he occupied, and he thought that he would be fine,” Anastasiia continued. “Even if all the sanctions are gone, even if the international community did nothing for the rest of this war, the amount of hate and pain that’s going towards him right now, this will never go away.”

Anastasiia warned that Putin “should fear for the rest of his life, because any person from Ukraine, whoever has any contact with him, they will try to kill him, and he will die painfully.”

“And I hope he knows that,” she added.

A photo of rubble in Irpin, Kyiv region of Ukraine. Photo courtesy of Anastasiia.

Anastasiia also shared photos and videos of the carnage nearby her house in Irpin, saying in an email that many of the places in the footage have “been destroyed further since.”

She also shared her experiences amid the Russian attacks, having fled with her boyfriend from the governmental neighborhood in Kyiv where she lived that was “10 to 15 minutes away” from the parliament building amid the attacks on Irpin.

Now Anastasiia says she’s “planning to stay for as long as it takes because it’s a lot easier to help” from inside Ukraine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

Natalia, who is originally from Kharkiv but who is now seeking refuge in a country outside Ukraine, said she had the “very same message” that one of the Ukrainian “border patrol guys said to the Russian warship.”

“You probably know what he said,” Natalia quipped. “So yeah, I second that a lot and so basically just go away and leave us alone and put in slightly nicer words.”

Natalia was referencing the famous defiant call against a Russian warship that Ukrainian soldiers on Snake Island reportedly made before they were bombed.

Ukrainian servicemen captured from Zmiinyi Island, or "Snake" Island, were brought to Sevastopol in Crimea, Feb. 26, 2022. Russian media said that the servicemen will be sent back to Ukraine pending certain "legal procedures."

The Snake Island soldiers were initially reported as dead, but later revealed to be alive after being captured by Russians.

Anton Herashchenko, adviser to the Ukrainian interior minister, circulated an audio clip purportedly of Russian forces threatening that they would bomb the 13 Ukrainian soldiers if they did not surrender. 

“This is a Russian warship,” the Russians said, according to a translation. “I propose you lay down your weapons and surrender to avoid bloodshed and unnecessary victims. Otherwise, you will be bombed.”

“Russian warship, go f— yourself,” the Ukrainians replied, according to Reuters.

Fox News Digital’s Matteo A. Cina contributed reporting.

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