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Half-million-dollar pro-America ad buy targeting younger generation hits major channels

FIRST ON FOX: A nonpartisan nonprofit is launching a half-million-dollar ad buy targeting the younger generation that is set to hit major entertainment channels.

After a successful soft launch that brought in over 125,000 email subscribers in two months, OurAmerica — which is launching as a $2.5 million operation — is making a $500,000 ad buy that will air on Univision, BET, TNT, TBS, and MTV.

The ad, titled “Our America,” features both the group’s eastern region national director and former Democratic congressional candidate Barrington Martin II, and western region national director Gabriel Nadales speaking on the current political state of America.


“America: the land of the free and home of the brave,” the ad narrator said. “But some people are trying to tear her down. They think it’s cool.”

“The country is not as divided as they would like you to believe,” Martin said in the ad, followed by Nadales saying America is “the land of opportunity.”

“Opportunities like no other in the world,” Martin continued.

“[I was a] poor boy from Mexico and I was able to succeed,” Nadales said. “That’s what American greatness is about.”

“Don’t let the haters win,” the narrator ended the ad, encouraging viewers to visit the organization website.

Fox News Digital sat down with two of OurAmerica’s national directors to discuss the organization and how they look to bring change in America.

“One of the mistakes a lot of organizations do is that they really want to get political. But OurAmerica is not a political organization, we’re a cultural movement,” Nadales told Fox News Digital in a Monday interview.

“So we really want to be able to engage with those people who don’t want to do anything with politics but they still want to show patriotism towards their country, towards America,” Nadales continued.

Nadales, who was formerly a member of Antifa and left the group as his political beliefs evolved against their orthodoxy, said OurAmerica is “about helping people who are not interested in politics really show their support for this country, show their support for America.”

Former Democrat congressional candidate Barrington Martin II said there is "a social divide amongst Americans" but that most Americans agree on the nation's fundamental values.

Martin told Fox News Digital during the interview that the group found “that there is a cultural divide, a social divide amongst Americans” and that “a lot of Americans believe in the fundamental American values.”

“So those outlets were chosen because we need to bridge these gaps that have been occurring in politics in the last decade or so, and we want everyone to be included under the OurAmerica umbrella,” Martin said.

Nadales said the ads were targeting a “younger demographic,” specifically people aged 21 to 25 and as old as 40 years old, and that a lot of the support from the soft launch that garnered over 125,000 emails came from social media advertising and outreach.

“And also, within our first month, we had over 70,000 members, and that goes to show that a lot of the ideology and a lot of the foundational values, of American values that OurAmerica believes in, a lot of people gravitated towards to right out of the gate,” Martin said.

“If we continue on with this process, if we continue on with the momentum that we have, we feel that we are going to be able to connect a lot of Americans specifically through social media and all sets of media, through our commercials, through our videos, through things of that nature,” the former congressional candidate continued.

“So, we’re really excited about what we’re doing because it’s catching on fast and it’s doing great, great things to the people to bring them together,” he added.

Editor’s note: This story has been updated to correct the size of the ad buy to $500,000. 

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