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America First Legal launches ‘Woke Wagon’ database to reveal ties of Biden admin officials

EXCLUSIVE: A conservative legal group is launching a “Woke Wagon” database of the personnel information of Biden administration employees — in an effort to provide transparency and highlight what they say are the woke and radical ties of many of those working in the administration.

America First Legal is launching the database, which will be a public-facing, searchable trove of resumes and other personnel information of employees in the Biden administration. It is in some ways a mirror version of the Trump Town database launched by ProPublica during the Trump administration.

Gene Hamilton, who worked as a senior Justice Department lawyer in the Trump administration, told Fox News Digital that there is never the same demand for transparency in Democratic administrations as with Republican administrations — and that his group is seeking to change that.

“There are many, many, many, many decisions being made by political appointees in the departments and agencies all across the administration and the American people don’t even really know who these people are,” he said. 


“They didn’t vote for them, they didn’t go through Senate confirmation, and so this is about ensuring that the American people can have the level of transparency and insight into who it is that’s being put into these positions of trust and making the key decisions that are being made across the Biden administration,” he said.

AFL has been filing Freedom of Information Act requests to get documents, including salary information, ethics waivers. It has also sued non-responsive agencies and now has a “critical mass” of information.

The database currently includes hundreds of contacts and documents, and is designed to be easily accessible by journalists, think tanks and regular Americans looking for information about who is making decisions in their government. 

“This will be a continually updated project where, as we get records, we will upload them and put them in this database,” Hamilton said.

Stephen Miller, a former Trump White House adviser, said that the axiom that “personnel is policy” holds true to this day — and that it is important to untangle networks that link many of those “unseen movers” of policy together.


“It makes it vitally important that we know who are the people that are pushing out of their networks for their professional associations? Who are they tied to? Where might they be trying to go in the future?”

He gave the example of officials who may have worked at certain Wall Street firms before working on finance policy and is planning on returning after their time in office, or someone who has worked for liberal immigration groups before working on immigration policy in the administration.

You begin to see this isn’t random chaos, this is planned organized destruction,” he said. “These policies are coming from people who believe in them, who dedicated their lives to them, whose whole histories professionally are tied up in implementation of these policies.”

Miller said that the ties linking many of these officials together are not random either, and instead show the unity of different spheres of political power in what he described as an “unholy alliance.”

“There’s a marriage between bureaucratic power, corporate power, activist power, and all these unelected power centers that work together and people move seamlessly between them,” he said.

The website is officially launching this week, and Hamilton said that while the database is not yet complete, AFL will keep pressing for the necessary records until it is.

“We don’t have everyone’s records yet, but we will,” he said.

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