Parler app kicked out by three tech giants – National Gridiron League


Apple, Google and Amazon removed micro blogging site Parler from their app stores on Friday. This app is inciting violence that happened in US capitol.

Parler app removed

What is Parler app?

This is an American microblogging application along with social media. The user base of this app mostly includes Donald Trump supporters who later attacked on the parliament.
Google is removing this application citing that the users are spreading content related to hatred and violence.Parker app failure to remove such content led to its departure from Google Play Stores.Similar reason were given by the Apple makers and the shock came after Amazon did the same.
Amazon was pressured by its own employees and public to remove Parler app which is spreading communal rites in the American states.

How did app motivated rioters?

Parler app is one of the largest community of Donald Trump fans. This horrific memory will always be there in American history. People climbing buildings walls, entering the halls and creating nuisance by violating peace.
Leaders around the world felt ashamed of how Americans welcome their new president. German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she was deeply saddened how the world’s largest democracy is behaving. Former President Barack Obama called this event distressed and desecrated. Leaders wished that new President Joe Biden and Kamala Harris would open the doors of new America.
The mega giants have given 24 hour warnings to Parler authorities to remove violence and malicious filled posts and articles immediately. But no warnings were heard and all three companies rejected this social media platform.
Whereas Amazon said it will remove Parler APP from its web services completely because of the repeated violations of companies rules.
“Big tech really wants to kill competition, And I have a lot of work to do in the next 24 hours to make sure everyone’s data is not permanently deleted off the internet.” Said John Martz ( CEO of Parler APP)
John Martz Parler chief executive officer said in the online statement that three big companies are against their and want to fame them wrongly. He further stated that the application is looking forward to collaborating with other web hosting service.
This action taken by companies shows anger towards USA President Donald Trump unapologetic behaviour along with his supporters. Earlier social media sites Twitter and Facebook have blocked access to his personal account. All these companies have clearly stated the fact that no user is allowed to disrupt the democratic rights.

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