Jessica Admits She’s in Love With Austin in ‘Married At First Sight’ Season 10 Exclusive Sneak Peek

Jessica Studer and Austin Hurd’s have loved a completely satisfied dating in comparison to many of the couple on Season 10 of Married at First Sight. However, their romance could also be going through its largest roadblock but at the upcoming episode of the Lifetime truth sequence.

Is Austin ‘Growing in Love’ With Jessica on ‘Married at First Sight’?

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For weeks Jessica has been tiptoeing across the concept of affection in conversations with Austin. It’s evident her emotions are rising more potent and more potent in opposition to her new husband even supposing they just met and married a couple of weeks in the past. And Austin appears to be head-over-heels for his new bride too. Yet, every time Jessica brings up the subject of affection and when they will in spite of everything say change the ones 3 phrases—”I love you”—Austin freezes up and claims he wishes extra time.

Well, the time has come and Jessica is able to listen him say it.

In an unique episode 13 sneak peek, Jessica admits that she is in love with Austin all the way through a pair’s counseling consultation with Dr. Viviana Coles. But, after all, Austin is not prepared to mention the similar.

“I feel like I am at that point, but I don’t want to say it if he’s not… because I don’t know if I’d feel rejected,” Jessica mentioned in the clip.

Dr. Coles asks if she’s afraid to confess her love for Austin on account of the vulnerability of claiming one thing so emotionally revealing, main Jessica to simply fess as much as her emotions. “I feel like I’m there,” she mentioned. “I do love you Austin.”

As Austin has mentioned in earlier conversations, he would possibly not inform Jessica he loves her till he is in a position. Although he does confess that he is “never felt this way about someone so quickly.”

“But for me to say that word, I just need a little bit more time,” Austin mentioned. “I hope you understand that.”

Jessica nods her head in settlement, however the crushing glance of sadness on her face makes it lovely transparent that she is harm to understand he nonetheless does not love her again.

“It is frustrating that he won’t say the words. I guess he’s going to be stubborn about this and take his time to say it,” Jessica mentioned in a confessional video.

There are only some extra weeks ahead of the couple has to come to a decision whether or not they will keep in their marriage or break up, and Austin’s tortoise-pace towards pronouncing he loves Jessica again is usually a deterrent in how they transfer ahead in the connection. After all, what is the level in staying in a wedding with an individual who refuses to like you?

Married at First Sight airs on Lifetime on Wednesday nights at eight p.m. ET.

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